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Gourmet Charcoal Chicken: Signage

First Neon: Radical car

First Neon, one of Australia’s leading neon sign companies engaged us to design the livery for their ‘Radical’ an international one series race car. We wanted to get away from the traditional race car graphics – And yep we’ve had a drive!

National Archives of Australia : Signage

Campbelltown Arts Centre : Signage

The challenge for this project was that visitors didn’t know where to go to get to reception on entering the Arts Centre. We addressed this not through the traditional means of text, but through a clear visual cue of this arrow expressed in neon in an art installation style. Incorporated into this was a flat screen which offers up-to-date exhibition and activity information. The graphic language of this arrow was extended into the glass wall of the cafe.

Green Building Council of Australia : Signage