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Sam Whiteman : Identity

We created a new identity (born out of one of Sam’s art installations), direct mail catalogue, shop front and website to launch Sam Whiteman’s return to Australia after a long stint designing in New York. There he created one-off pieces of furniture and art for high-end clients such as Donna Karan. Sam’s work is very tongue-in-cheek. His two ranges, Low Life and Nature Boy, express the excess and opulence of underground indulgence with a focus on leather and timber materials.

To market his work in a unique way to a very discerning clientele we created a targeted DM campaign. This took the form of distinctive black and white tubes containing the magazine/catalogue – the oversized format reflecting the scale of his work. A shop front with a view through a locked door of a selection of his pieces and the main window used as a teaser/billboard for his website.

Sam Whiteman : Print

Targeted DM campaign

Sam Whiteman : Art direction

Nature Boy and Low Life range – catalogue and website

Sam Whiteman : Digital

The image-focused and minimalist nature of this website allows Sam Whiteman’s pieces speak for themselves.